Tattoo Image Error

Tattoo Image Error

Our website leverages advanced AI technology to accurately classify and describe the vast array of tattoo images featured in our gallery. This innovative approach ensures that each tattoo is presented with relevant descriptions, aiding visitors in finding inspiration and understanding the artistry behind each piece.

However, we acknowledge that technology, while advanced, is not infallible.

On occasion, our AI system might misinterpret a tattoo’s design, style, or symbolism, leading to inaccurate classifications or descriptions. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of accuracy and reliability in our content, and your input is invaluable in this effort.

How to Report an Error:

If you encounter a mistake in how a tattoo has been classified or described:

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. In the form, please specify the URL or provide a brief description of the tattoo image in question.
  3. Describe the error you’ve noticed. Whether it’s a misclassification of style, an incorrect description, or any other inaccuracy, your detailed observations will help us make the necessary corrections.
  4. Submit the form. Once received, our team will promptly review the reported error. We may reach out to you via email if additional information is needed to resolve the issue.
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