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Mark, the owner of Marked Forever Tattoo, has been tattooing since 2012. Raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London, he draws inspiration from urban street culture, Hip Hop, and the early Drum and Bass scene. Specializing in black and grey realism and illustrative designs, Mark creates unique, custom pieces of body art tailored to each client. Despite his family ties to Norris Green, Mark sports a London accent, adding to his unique character. Renowned for his patience and dedication, Mark ensures clients are satisfied with their tattoos. Contact Marked Forever Tattoo to collaborate with Mark on your next tattoo masterpiece.

Ryan has been immersed in the tattoo industry for over five years, with four years of professional tattooing experience. His career began with a traditional apprenticeship, which was crucial in building his foundational skills. However, a significant part of his expertise stems from self-directed learning, allowing him to develop a unique approach that combines formal training with personal exploration.

Ryan's tattooing style has evolved significantly, particularly in his confidence with black and grey artwork. He specializes in line work and has a passion for both black and grey pieces and dotwork, often incorporating intricate mandala patterns and dark-themed designs. This versatility and attention to detail highlight his artistic range and commitment to his craft.

A memorable moment in Ryan's career was a geometric leg tattoo project where he experienced complete creative freedom, leading to outstanding results in both the tattoo's execution and healing process. This project stands as a testament to his skill and the trust placed in him by his clients.

Ryan values the emotional aspect of his work, especially when tattooing handwriting from lost loved ones, finding deep fulfillment in providing a service that carries significant personal meaning. This sensitivity towards his clients' emotional needs underscores his approach to tattooing as not just an art form but also a means of healing and remembrance.

Outside of tattooing, Ryan prioritizes fitness, football, and family life, illustrating his well-rounded lifestyle and the importance of balance between professional dedication and personal well-being. These interests reflect his commitment to health, teamwork, and family values.

Roly has been developing his tattooing skills for three and a half years, showing significant growth and dedication to the art. His journey began with a friend's suggestion to try tattooing, leading him to transition from drawing to the more complex world of tattoo artistry. Initially influenced by Neo-traditional styles, Roly's artistic direction has evolved towards realism, particularly focusing on surreal women's portraits combined with fantasy elements, showcasing his unique blend of reality and imagination.

One of Roly's most memorable projects was a complex tattoo featuring a woman's portrait integrated with a fox's head, highlighting his skill in combining intricate designs with surreal elements. The satisfaction he gains from client reactions reinforces his commitment to the craft.

Roly values a collaborative approach with clients, ensuring that the final tattoo reflects their vision while also offering his expert advice to enhance the piece. His work emphasizes the importance of balancing client desires with artistic integrity.

Outside of tattooing, Roly enjoys a range of activities including art, dancing, football, and socializing, contributing to his well-rounded personality. Known as the joker of the studio, his playful nature permeates his work environment and artistic style, adding a unique vibrancy to his designs.

Lou, a dynamic and passionate tattoo artist, has been engaged in the tattooing field for about one year, starting with six months of self-taught practice followed by professional experience in studios. Her fascination with body art began at an early age, leading her to view tattooing as a significant art form and source of inspiration.

Initially, Lou was attracted to neo-traditional and Sailor Jerry tattoos but gradually expanded her preferences to include Gothic and Japanese-inspired art, reflecting her personal and artistic growth. Her unique style combines gothic elements with playful, colorful designs, particularly excelling in cartoony, pin-up art, and vibrant color use.

One of Lou's career highlights was completing her first tattoo in a professional setting, which solidified her commitment to her craft. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of the tattooing profession, especially the diverse client interactions and the opportunity to bring their visions to life.

Lou places great emphasis on collaboration with clients, treating each project with personal care and maintaining open communication to ensure the final design meets their vision. She views effective communication as essential to a successful tattoo experience.

Beyond tattooing, Lou engages in various artistic activities like painting, ceramics, and clothing customization, reflecting her deep commitment to art. Contrary to her gothic appearance, Lou has a vibrant and cheerful personality, with interests ranging from Japanese culture to whimsical and fluffy items, adding a unique flair to her artistic expression.

Jon is an experienced tattoo artist with an 11-year background, beginning his tattooing journey while serving in the army. Post-army, he fully embraced his passion, leaving his job to open his own tattoo studio, where he initially concentrated on traditional and Japanese styles. Over time, Jon adapted to various styles to meet diverse client needs, establishing himself as a versatile and evolving artist.

He particularly excels in color realism and painted-style tattoos, aiming to create lifelike, vibrant pieces that stand out for their artistic quality. Jon’s commitment to his craft was evident early on, as demonstrated by his first tattooing attempt on fake skin, which ended with him tattooing through to the kitchen table – a memorable lesson in his career.

Jon values the client-artist relationship, taking a consultative approach to ensure that the final tattoos not only meet but exceed client expectations while maintaining artistic integrity. Outside the studio, Jon is committed to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, with interests in gym, Thai boxing, painting, hiking, and water sports. These activities not only keep him physically fit but also provide mental clarity and inspiration, enriching his life and work as a tattoo artist.

Liverpool Tattoos, a well-renowned tattoo studio located in the heart of North Liverpool, in the charming Orrell Park neighborhood. This studio stands out for its comprehensive range of tattoo services and styles, catering to every individual's unique preferences and ideas. From intricate cover-ups to delicate script, from the subtle nuances of black and grey realism to the vibrant shades of colour realism, and from the timeless beauty of traditional designs to the contemporary flair of neo-traditional and geometric patterns, Liverpool Tattoos has something for everyone.

Home to a collective of highly skilled and seasoned artists, the studio prides itself on its ability to transform your ideas into stunning pieces of body art. Each artist brings their own unique expertise and creative vision, ensuring that every client's tattoo is a personalized and exceptional work of art.

Clients are encouraged to reach out by phone or to visit the studio in person for consultations. The welcoming staff at Liverpool Tattoos are committed to assisting clients through every step of the process, from initial design to final ink, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling tattooing experience. They are ready to guide you, whether you're pondering your first piece or looking to add to your collection, and will match you with the perfect artist to bring your vision to life.

In essence, Liverpool Tattoos offers not just tattoos, but a full artistic journey, promising each client a masterpiece that they will treasure forever. They invite everyone to step into their studio to explore the endless possibilities of ink and creativity.

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AI Tattoo Studio is a groundbreaking establishment at the forefront of the fusion between technology and traditional tattoo artistry. Nestled in the heart of the city, this innovative studio is pioneering the concept of AI Tattoos, offering clients a unique blend of digital precision and artistic flair.

At AI Tattoo Studio, the traditional tattooing process is enhanced with advanced AI technology, allowing for unparalleled precision, intricate designs, and personalized patterns that are tailored to each client's desires and specifications. The studio boasts a team of highly skilled artists who are not only masters of their craft but also trained in utilizing AI to transform abstract ideas into vivid, tangible artwork on skin.

AI Tattoo Studio is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in tattoo art, providing a space where technology and creativity merge to create stunning, one-of-a-kind body art. Whether you're looking for something hyper-realistic, geometric, abstract, or custom-made, AI Tattoo Studio promises an unforgettable and uniquely personal tattooing experience.

Jane is known for her watercolor tattoos that seem to have been plucked from a painter's palette. 

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