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The Cross Tattoo Design

The Cross Tattoo Design is astoundingly popular tattoo designs because of their deep and individual significance, cultural and historical meanings, and readily customizable design. A favorite design with men in addition to women, a cross tattoo design could be placed nearly everywhere on your system, either by itself or as part of a bigger design. Depending upon the size, design, alongside other elements contained, the cross came to symbolize an array of distinct meanings, so making this the perfect tattoo design for anyone! – The Meaning of Cross Tattoo design Though many people may presume that cross has purely spiritual connotations, this is not the case.

Cross Tattoo Design Unique Ideas

The ability to add your own personal touch and integrate other symbols and elements means that the cross can come to symbolize many different meanings and ideas, such as those below: Strength – Courage – Christianity\/Christian faith – Cultural\/family heritage – Memory of a loved one – Dedication – Constellation – Honor – Ascension – Suffering – Death – Gothic\/Goth culture – Life – Sun\/Sun worship – Equality – Spirituality – The feminine – Union of man and woman – Atheism – The occult – Pain through love or loss – Peace – Regality – Cross Tattoo Variations – The ability to customize your cross tattoo design based on your own beliefs and fashion is one of the fantastic things about the tattoo – the variation possibilities are nearly endless.

Whilst a cross on its own is a well-liked choice for many, the design variants below demonstrate how easily you may add other components or personalize that the cross on its own to best letters the meaning this symbol holds for you. Christian\/Catholic Cross – Perhaps the most common connotation that the cross has is of a Christian and Catholic symbol. Christianity, of which Catholicism is just one variation, holds the cross in high esteem as the foundation of the faith is Jesus crucifixion and subsequent resurrection from the dead. The Christian\/Catholic cross is often simple in its design, a simple format, and can be done in any color according to your preferences. This design is the foundation for a lot of the variations described below, so feel free to work together with your tattoo design artist to expand on and personalize the tattoo design! – Small Cross – This simple and very feminine design is ideal for all those that want a subtler reminder of their Christian religion or spirituality. Frequently tattooed on the inner wrist, ankle, shoulder blade, or behind that the ear, that the little cross shows off your convictions in that the world, but in a delicate and not overpowering manner. While you might choose to design the little cross in a simple form at, you may also add more ornate details like interlocking patterns, colors and jewelry, or a halo on top.

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