Undoubtedly, the most important piece of equipment for a tattoo artist is the tattoo machine. Only through an efficient tattoo machine, an artist can bring his creativeness to life. Thus, an artist must strive to get the best tattoo machine on the market. Generally, there are two types of tattoo machines, rotary and coil.

If you are planning to buy then these rotary tattoo machines review is just what you need. We understand that finding a good rotary machine is no child’s play. There are one too many rotary machines to choose from. Plus, how does one even know which machine matches their needs?

Therefore, we have handpicked the best rotary tattoo machines and provided a detailed review of each of them. Not only that, but we have also provided some additional information that will help you find an ideal rotary tattoo machine.


As a tattoo artist, one must possess sufficient knowledge about the equipment they are using. Therefore, it is essential to know what exactly a rotary tattoo machine is and how it works. A rotary tattoo machine was the first type of tattoo machine ever to exist. It was invented by Samuel O’Reilly. Since the time it was invented, it has gone through various transformations to enhance its performance.

The best rotary tattoo machine has an electric motor. The armature bar where the needles are fixed is attached to the electric motor. When electricity is passed through the motor, it starts to turn, which generates an up and down movement in the armature and hence, in the needle as well. This allows the needle and the ink to penetrate beneath the skin. 

The reason why it is still popular among tattoo artists despite the invention of other types of tattoo machines is because of its high efficiency and versatility. It can be used for both shading and lining. An artist can draw even and precise lines using a rotary machine. Also, with its noise-free operation, it enables the artist to focus better on his work.


Winner Pick– Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Power Supply 20Pcs

This rotary tattoo machine from Dragonhawk is the best machine to make tattoos in the market. The machine takes 3 to 5 seconds to power on and off. This tattoo machine is compatible with different types of needles available. The cartridge needles belong to the WJX brand, and it has a patent shell structure.

It can increase the amount of ink stored and can absorb the ink at a faster rate, and comes with a silicone rebound membrane that is special. The tattoo machine is made using a medical-grade LG PC.

Why is it unique?

This pen rotary tattoo machine is made using a space aluminum frame along with a custom-made mast motor. It weighs around 120 grams. The machine is light in weight and ergonomic.

This machine is manufactured with an improved gear system that works without producing much noise and vibrations. The working voltage of this rotary tattoo machine is 6V to 10V.

Buyer’s experience

The buyers are highly satisfied with this product. This tattoo machine has a lot of features that can attract customers. It comes in good packaging along with no noise production and vibrations. This tattoo machine falls within your budget as well.

Best fit for

This pen rotary tattoo machine is the ultimate kit for a beginner. It can be used easily, and it weighs less. If you are looking to learn the art of making tattoos, this is the best machine you can buy at this price.


  • This tattoo machine comes with good packaging.
  • It does not produce noise.
  • The machine weighs less.
  • It is a good value for the money.
  • The device is easy to use.
  • It is perfect for beginners.


  • Some buyers had issues with the power supply.

Best For Professional Artists– Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Carbon Steel Machine

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine is a versatile tattoo machine. It uses a direct drive motor for both shading and lining. The machine is compatible with all tattoo needles. It is durable and prevents skin infections. You can control the voltage easily. The device produces very little noise and has a steel spring that increases the efficiency and stability of this machine.

Why is it unique?

This tattoo machine can be used for both lining and shading. It is made using carbon steel and is built with a Japanese motor that is durable. The machine has a slider system that keeps the needle stable.

The working voltage of this tattoo machine is 7V to 10V DC. The strokes are 3.5 mm long, and lining voltage lies in the range of 8V to 9V, and the shading voltage is 7V to 8V.

Buyer’s experience

Most of the buyers are highly satisfied with this tattoo machine. They have liked the different voltages for lining and shading. Buyers are happy with the amount they spent on this machine.

Best fit for

This tattoo machine is a fit for anyone who wants to learn to make tattoos. It is light in weight and comfortable to use and is one of the best Tattoo rotary machines available.


  • It is worth the money spent.
  • There is minimal production of noise.
  • It is comfortable to use.
  • The tattoo machine is sturdy and light in weight.


  • It is prone to damage in the long run.

Best Tattoo Liner Machine- New Star Tattoo Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine Shader & Liner 7 Colors Assorted Tattoo Motor Gun

This tattoo machine is one of the popular tattoo machines available. The machine starts working when you turn the power on. It weighs less and is powerful. The device requires a power supply of more than 1.5 Ampere. It is comfortable and stable. The machine is ideal for standard needles and tubes.

Why is it unique?

It is suitable for both shading and lining. The working voltage is 6V to 9V. You should keep the machine for rest after using it for one hour. It is light in weight and can be used too easily. This tattoo machine is green in color and is made using Aluminum alloy. It does not produce loud noise and disturbing vibrations. The machine gets heated up at a slow rate.

Buyer’s experience

Most of the customers are satisfied. The features that attracted them are it is comfortable and easy to use. Some of the customers have expressed discomfort over the heating of the tattoo machine.

Best fit for

For a fresher, this tattoo machine is everything you will need. This machine can be used easily without having any discomfort. It is advised to draw on practice skin before drawing on human skin.


  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • It weighs less.
  • This device can be used easily.
  • It is sheer.


  • It has plastic parts.

Most Innovative– Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine With Mast Wireless Tattoo Battery Power Kit Supply

This tattoo machine from Mast Tour is one of the smallest tattoo machines available. It can transfer the colors to your skin in a smooth way. It is durable and light in weight and is one of the best machines available for lining and shading. This tattoo machine is suitable for all types of skins. It has a simple and classic design.

Why is it unique?

This tattoo machine is small in size and has a grip of 25mm. It can be carried everywhere. This machine is built using a Japanese coreless motor that can work for more than 3000 hours. It is made using a special innovation technology.

This tattoo machine allows you to make precise designs and comes with solid color packing. It offers a soft and smooth experience. The machine weighs 82 grams, and the length of the stroke is 3.5mm. This needle can pierce the skin at a depth of 0 to 4 mm.

Buyer’s experience

Buyers are happy with this tattoo machine. They like the small and compact design of this tattoo machine. It is made using a strong motor that is powerful and allows you to make designs easily.

Best fit for

This tattoo machine is perfect for making black tattoos. It gives strong and stable strokes. If you are looking for a tattoo machine that can be carried everywhere, then this is the tattoo machine for you.


  • It is easy to hold.
  • This tattoo machine can be used easily.
  • It is perfect for a beginner.
  • It is worth the money spent.
  • It has good thickness and is light in weight.


It is not quite durable.

Best Rotary Pen– Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Space Aluminum For Tattoo Artists Gift Box 102YMX

If you are looking for a Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine that makes less noise and vibrations, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has high frequency and strong puncturing power. This tattoo machine resembles the structure of a pen and is comfortable to use, and allows you to make good design tattoos. It comes with an improved gear system that is very efficient.

Why is it unique?

This Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine from Dragonhawk is built using a space Aluminum frame and has a custom Mast motor. The working voltage of this tattoo machine is 6V to 9V. This tattoo machine allows you to make tattoos with more precision and accuracy. It is light in weight and ergonomic. The tattoo machine has a structure similar to that of a pen. All needles can be used with this machine.

Buyer’s experience

Most of its buyers are very pleased with their buy. Some of them have given excellent ratings and reviews about this product. It is quiet and gives you a good experience.

Best fit for

For anyone who is looking for a compact tattoo machine without compromising on quality and efficiency, this is the best tattoo machine you can buy. It is small and easy to use. This company promises to offer you a comfortable experience.


  • This device is easy to use.
  • It weighs less.
  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • It is sheer.


  • It is not quite durable.

Best In Quality– Hawink Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine With German FAULHABER Motor CNC-Q2

Hawink is one of the most popular brands of tattoo machines. Their prime focus is on the quality of the machine and the customers’ experience while using the machine. They offer high-quality tattoo machines. It has a structure similar to that of a pen. The tattoo machine features a German Faulhaber Motor that is strong and powerful.

Why is it unique?

This rotary short pen tattoo machine is built using an aircraft Aluminum Alloy Enclosure. It produces less noise and vibrations compared to other tattoo machines. The working voltage of this machine is 5V to 10V.

It has strong puncturing power and high frequency. This machine weighs less and can be cleaned easily. It does not cause much irritation to the skin. The device weighs around 128 grams.

Buyer’s experience

The customers are satisfied with this tattoo machine. They love the strong, powerful Faulhaber Motor. It gives the person a good experience. Customers are not very pleased with the durability of this tattoo machine.

Best fit for

If you are looking for a tattoo machine with a strong and powerful motor, then this is the best tattoo machine for you. The pen shape makes it easier to hold and makes it easy to draw tattoos. It allows you to make accurate tattoos.


  • It is light in weight and comfortable to use.
  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • This device has good thickness and is sheer.


  • It is not quite durable.

Compact Sized Rotary Machine– Hawink Tattoo Pen Machine,Rotary Short Pen And Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Carved CNC-Q3-2

If you are looking for a compact-sized tattoo machine that is easy and comfortable to use, then this tattoo machine from Hawink is ideal for you. The machine has strong puncturing power and high frequency. It is very silent and does not produce any sound.

This machine can be cleaned easily and is also easy to use. It does not cause irritation to your skin. The working voltage of this machine is 5V to 10V. Do not use voltage more than 10V as it can damage your tattoo machine. It has a structure similar to a pen.

Why is it unique?

This tattoo machine is built using an aircraft Aluminum Alloy Enclosure. It has an aluminum sleeve of 32mm. The weight of this tattoo machine is 118 grams and produces less noise and vibrations compared to other tattoo machines. It is built using a German Faulhaber Motor that has a good appearance, along with being strong and powerful.

Buyer’s experience

The buyers are satisfied with the build and quality of this tattoo machine. It gives them a feeling of holding a pen and allows you to draw designs easily with good accuracy.

Best fit for

It is an ideal tattoo machine if you have a definite budget. The device is worth the money you spent. If you want a tattoo machine with a strong and powerful motor, then this is the one for you.


  • The tattoo machine is comfortable to use.
  • It is a good value for the money.
  • This device has good thickness and is sheer.


  • It is not quite durable.

Best Featured Machine– Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine With Japanese Coreless Motor And Aircraft Aluminium Alloy

Hawink tattoo pen machines are made of aluminum alloy, which is used in aircraft manufacture. It has a 35mm aluminum alloy sleeve and comes with a strong Japanese mortar. The device is completely stable and is very quiet.

It is best suited for smooth running parlors, which has a customer base that doesn’t tolerate much noise pollution. You can learn to draw tattoos with this machine easily.

Why is it unique?

The machine is designed in such a way to get the user a pen-like feeling. It looks very good and can attract a lot of attention. The device is light in weight, and the super specialty does also attracts a lot of tattoo artists.

The weight of the machine comes around 128 grams providing a stroke width of 3.5 mm. It comes at the start voltage of 5.5 volts and has a stitch frequency of 25 to 150 Hz.

The device works well for continuous operation giving your smooth and ideal results. The maximum operating voltage suggested is 10 volt, and running above this can cause overheating of the motor.

Buyers experience

The color packing is well applauded by its user base. It is good for black and grey works of tattooing art. The aluminum involvement in the design adds to long-term comfortability. This involves the product not being prone to cracking or any other mechanical damages, unlike the usual plastic-bodied ones.

Best Fit For

This device is suited mostly for beginners in tattooing. The machine is easy to master advocates to that statement. It is also targeted at artists wanting a reliable long-term tattoo machine that doesn’t bother them with constant maintenance works.


  • The device is very user-friendly.
  • The price comes around an affordable rate for its expected user base.
  • The tattoo machine is easy to use.


  • It is not suitable for elaborative tattoos.

Best Wireless Machine– Ambition Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Cartridge Machine With 1950 MAh Wireless LED Display

The machine is made of an aluminum alloy and has a very good frame. It is CNC carved with a length of 148 millimeters and weighs around 210 grams. You could easily detach this machine as a whole, and it is also easy to disassemble it.

The device is also user-friendly and makes maintenance less of a chore, and can be replaced easily. The motor is a cordless one made in Japan and works under 10 volts, and runs at an RPM of 9000. It is very powerful and can work without getting heated for long time durations.

The battery has a capacity of 1950 mAh, and it’s built by 3x650mAh Lithium batteries. As mentioned before, the device is aiming at long-term tattoo work provided that the entire experience is comfortable for both the tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo.

Why is it unique?

The device shows its versatility by being able to use any type of cartridge needles. It has a direct drive system, and this enables the machine to make the tattoos much stronger. This, in turn, comes in handy for better lining and shading.

The tattoo package also has enough accessories for you to get going quickly. It has a one-piece battery tattoo pen and a USB fast charging data cable. The device works very well in that it causes very low skin loss and can color quite quickly.

The battery output voltage is about 8 Volts and can work around 5 to 6 hours without a break. It is also impressive to know that it only requires around an hour or two for completely charging the device. Additionally, if a battery gets drained out, it can be replaced at any time.

Buyer’s Experience

The uses appreciate the fact that the device is battery-powered and is lightweight. They also like that it is cord-free. Buyers are well satisfied with the battery life, with some even claiming that they get around ten hours.

They are also satisfied with the way the device works when doing complicated works like shading and color packing. The machine is also easy to clean and is also strong enough to do bold single-pass lines.

Best Fit for

The device works well for both people who have started picking up lessons in tattooing and also who are professionals. The low price of this tattoo machine can attract buyers. It also suits artists doing long-hour works that require a lot of attention.


  • The device has good battery life.
  • This tattoo machine is a good value for money.
  • It is versatile.


  • The machine’s handling may not suit everyone.

Best Needle Compatibility–  Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit With Wireless Tattoo

This new tattoo machine from Hawink comes with a powerful motor. It is very stable and is light in weight. Tattoo artists endorse this new iteration of a design and are happy to praise its sleek appearance.

It is a user-friendly machine which is very similar to that of a pen. The company has been able to emulate the comfortability and the feel of an actual pen to this tattoo machine.

The actuality of the device is very easy to handle this machine a few notches above the usual standards by making it able to do high-level tattooing procedures. Hence it definitely stays a positively safe distance away from its competition.

Why is it unique?

Apart from being very easy to handle, the device also comes with all the necessary accessories for letting you get going quickly. The tattoo machine has two tattoo batteries along with tattoo needles.

It is interesting to note that the corn machine is compatible with all types of cartridges with needles. The stroke formed is 3.2 millimeters thick and has a protrusion depth of 4 millimeters; it also comes with an RCA code connection.

The lightweight is due to its coreless motor, and the weight comes around 162 grams, and it has a grip sleeve of 28 to 32 millimeters in thickness.

The device can be operated between a voltage range of 5 and 14. It is necessary to understand that running the device above the specified higher-end voltage value can cause mechanical damage to the device.

Buyer’s Experience

The customer base is happy with how easy it is to do fine lines with the device. Customers have also loved the way by which the needles are grouped. They applaud the fact that the device enables them to do complicated works in the likes of soft shading, whip shading, etc.

The device is extremely quiet, according to a few, and most of them are of the opinion that they don’t have to go above 9.5 volts to make the device perform at its best.

Best Fit For

The device is high-end with exceptional maneuverability suits tattoo artists that practice complicated art designs. Being easy to handle also makes it a necessary companion for people who have just started learning the basics of tattooing procedures.

It is hence understood that the device fits well in the range of any tattooing artist, be it for an upcoming artist or for someone who is an expert.


  • It is light in weight.
  • All types of needles are compatible with this tattoo machine.
  • The device is easy to use.


  • The battery is a bit heavy.


Now that you know what a rotary motor is and how it works, the next thing you should know is its benefits. After knowing its benefits, you will feel better investing in the best rotary tattoo machine. The rotary machine has numerous advantages it that is the reason it is still prominently used by tattoo artists. Given below is the list of benefits of using a rotary motor.

Less Noise

The first and foremost benefit that anybody can instantly notice is that this does not produce the buzzing noise like a coil tattoo machine while working. This provides more quiet and peaceful surroundings for both the artist and the client. Moreover, the traditional buzzing sound of the machine might even make the client more nervous and scared. Less noise also reduces the risk of ear damage to the artist and improves his concentration. So, it is a win-win for both the artist and the customer.

More Versatile

A rotary machine can be used for different purposes such as shading, lining, and coloring. Hence, making them more versatile. This allows the artist to complete his design without using multiple machines.

Also, it is great for beginners as it helps them practice lining, shading, and coloring efficiently using the same machine.

Simple To Use

In the opinion of numerous tattoo artists, a rotary machine is much simpler to use compared to other types of tattoo machines. Hence, making them for beginners. The reason behind its user-friendliness is its lightweight design. This allows the user to get comfortable with holding the machine when they are working for long hours without tiring their hands.

Causeless Damage To The Skin

The next big advantage that rotary machines provide is that they cause less damage to the skin especially compared to coil machines. Coil machines insert the pigment more harshly that causes a lot of skin damage and bleeding, particularly when the area being tattooed has sensitive skin.

Unlike coil machines, rotary machines use less pressure due to their lightweight. A needle is penetrated lightly several times in the skin rather than once with great pressure to insert the pigment. Hence, causing damage.

Do Not Need Tuning

Indeed, rotary machines are not much customizable. But that also has an upside which is that most rotary machines do not require any tuning. The best rotary tattoo machines are made to work in a particular way. This is the reason they do not require any tuning. This is great for an amateur tattoo artist who does not know how to tune tattoo machines.


To identify which rotary machines are as good as advertised, you need to consider certain factors. These factors are what we are going to discuss in the buying guide. If you keep in mind the factors of this buying guide, it will be easier for you to find a unit that matches your needs.


Rotary machines come in various shapes and sizes. Although they all use the same mechanism yet, their design can greatly affect their performance. You should analyze the design of the machine before buying. Ensure it has an ergonomic and user-friendly design.


Weight is another important factor that you must consider. Although rotary machines are known to be lightweight, there are still some heavier than the others. A lightweight machine is important because it makes it easier to handle. Its weight should also be balanced so that it does not hinder its performance.

Quality Of Materials

Make sure that the product you are choosing is built using high-quality materials. This will guarantee not only better performance but also a long lifespan. If you invest in a poorly made unit, then it will cost more in the long run as it would require repair quite often and might even fail to work. A durable machine will provide outstanding performance for a long time.


Make sure that you get a rotary machine that can work as well as promised. It should have an excellent performance. Probably the best way to check the performance of a machine is by analyzing the feedback of the customers.


There are cheap rotary tattoo machines in the market. But not all of them can offer a satisfactory value for the money. Thus, you must compare different brands with similar features to identify brands that are truly worth investing in. Also, prioritize quality over price. Do not hesitate to go over budget to get the best rotary tattoo machine cause you only get outstanding results with outstanding equipment. 


How To Clean Or Sterilize A Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Cleaning and sterilizing a rotary machine after each use is very important and should not be avoided at any cost. First thing first, you need to disassemble the rotary tattoo machine if possible. This process varies from brand to brand, and hence, you should refer to the user manual provided with the machine.

All the parts of the machine should be cleaned with the disinfectant of your choice. After spraying the disinfectant, put all the parts in hot water and bleach solution. Keep the parts submerged for ten to fifteen minutes.
After ten minutes, use a warm cloth to clean all the parts. This way, all the debris will be removed. The next step is sterilization. This can be done through various methods. There are autoclave machines, ultrasonic cleaners, UV sterilizers, and chemical cleaners.

An autoclave machine is a great way of sterilizing. It uses wet and dry steam at high pressure and temperature to clean the machine. The temperature can go up to 135 C degrees, at which all germs and bacteria get killed.
You need to keep all the parts in a bag and put them in a tray inside the autoclave. It will take up around 1 to 2 hours for the process to complete. Once sterilized, air dry all the parts of the machine. The last step is assembling the rotary machine. Once assembled, you have a clean and ready-to-use rotary machine.

What Is The Difference Between A Rotary And A Coil Tattoo Machine?

A Rotary machine, as said before, has an electric motor that, when it revolves, causes the needle to move up and down. It is lightweight, creates less noise, and can be used for shading and lining. These are very versatile and are easy to use.

Both types of machines lift the needle up and down to place the pigment beneath the skin. The difference between a rotary and coil machine is their mechanism. Rotary has a motor, while the coil machine uses electromagnets.
When the current is passed through the electromagnet circuit, it moves the needle up and down. The number of coils may vary in the machine, and it can be one, two, or three. Coil tattoo machines are known for their buzzing sound. This buzzing sound can be disturbing, but some artists do not mind it.

Controlling a coil machine is also easier in the aspect of pressure and speed. Thus, drawing lines is pretty simple. Both types of machines have their capabilities and drawbacks.

What Are The Other Vital Pieces Of Equipment Required With A Tattoo Machine?

Having a good tattoo machine is only one small part of all of the equipment that you need. There are many other pieces of equipment that you will need when you begin to tattoo.

The first thing you require is a power supply. The power supply is a very important tool, as it converts the current into a suitable voltage and ampere for the machine.

There are usually two outputs in the power supply, and one is used to connect the machine and the other the foot pedal.
The other significant tool is the foot pedal. A foot pedal is used to control the power supply, to switch it on or off, using your foot. Thus, making it more convenient.

You should have high-quality ink, as it will yield a beautiful design and finish. Also, ink is now available in a variety of colors. So try to get different colors. Having an ink cup to keep the ink is equally important.

Then there are tattoo tips, which are present in numerous types such as diamond, magnum, and more. Each tip type has some unique characteristics that make them suitable for a specific task. For instance, diamond tips are great for making thin lines. You can get as many types of tips as possible to improve the appearance of the tattoo.

Rubber bands and grommets are two items that will help you keep the needles in place when the machine is working. It is essential because when the machine operator creates a vibration that may move the needle out of place.
A tattoo artist should also have a wide variety of needles. Needles come in different sizes. There are needles designed specifically for a kind of tattoo tip such as there are magnum needles for magnum tips. 

Except for these, you should have ample paper towels, green soap solution for sanitation purposes, a razor to shave the area supposed to be tattooed. There are many other tools and items you can get, but these are the basic ones that every artist must have. You can buy them together in a kit or purchase them separately depending on your choice.


Tattoo artists have become a thriving career choice due to the rise in popularity of body art. However, this also means that now there is more competition to tackle. Thus, only the best artist can last in this field, but the artist not only needs to have the proper skills to be successful but also high-grade equipment and tools.

Thus, to help you find an excellent rotary motor, we have put together all the information related to best rotary tattoo machines review you need to know in one place. All the products recommended in the article are excellent choices. However, the last decision is yours. We hope that you find this article helpful and informative.

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