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Lou Devilish Weez


Lou, a dynamic and passionate tattoo artist, has been engaged in the tattooing field for about one year, starting with six months of self-taught practice followed by professional experience in studios. Her fascination with body art began at an early age, leading her to view tattooing as a significant art form and source of inspiration.

Initially, Lou was attracted to neo-traditional and Sailor Jerry tattoos but gradually expanded her preferences to include Gothic and Japanese-inspired art, reflecting her personal and artistic growth. Her unique style combines gothic elements with playful, colorful designs, particularly excelling in cartoony, pin-up art, and vibrant color use.

One of Lou's career highlights was completing her first tattoo in a professional setting, which solidified her commitment to her craft. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of the tattooing profession, especially the diverse client interactions and the opportunity to bring their visions to life.

Lou places great emphasis on collaboration with clients, treating each project with personal care and maintaining open communication to ensure the final design meets their vision. She views effective communication as essential to a successful tattoo experience.

Beyond tattooing, Lou engages in various artistic activities like painting, ceramics, and clothing customization, reflecting her deep commitment to art. Contrary to her gothic appearance, Lou has a vibrant and cheerful personality, with interests ranging from Japanese culture to whimsical and fluffy items, adding a unique flair to her artistic expression.

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