Small Tattoos On Wrist For Men and Women | Wrist Name Tattoos [2021]

Wrist tattoos have become very popular in modern times. If it is your first tattoo then a wrist tattoo will be perfect for you. You can show off your styles and personality. You can get symbolic tattoos on your wrist in small or medium size. The wrist is the part of your body that is easily visible to people. You must select a small tattoo for the directly visible area of the body. You can be versatile while you are designing the tattoo. You can add anything to your design such as a Butterfly, quoted texts, flowers, or any type of tattoo.

Small tattoos on wrist look very unique as not many people go for tattoos on their wrists. A person who is getting a tattoo for the first time then, make sure you select the part of the body for a tattoo that you can have for a lifetime. The tattoo must be able to reflect your personality, so pick your design very carefully.

Roses, butterflies, quotes are very common and outdated, but you can add something more unique to the basic tattoo designs to make them attractive and different. The meaning of the tattoo can be different for every person. It means that your tattoo will unique and different based on the meaning. The wrist is the classic spot to get a tattoo. 

You can get amazing unique designs etched on your wrist. We have brought to you some cool designs that you opt for your design or you can add something to them to customize it especially for you.

Small Tattoos On Wrist (Tattoo Designs for Wrist)

Bird Tattoo

When we are talking about birds, the most common birds that we think of are Sparrows and Swallows. If you want to have a classic design, you can have a sparrow or swallow etched on your wrist. You can also have a unique tattoo of a white crane. You can use white and black for making it more attractive. The Birds are very adorable and can never be out of fashion.

Rose Tattoo

Rose is a very common tattoo design but it can be twisted and made original in several ways. You can also do the same, You can add something to the design to make it different from the basic design. You can make a cover tattoo using roses. You can use different color ink for giving it an attractive look.

Literary Quotes

You can select a quote that you want to get etched as a tattoo. It must be something inspirational, motivational, and something that gives a reflection of your personality. You can make it even more attractive when you combine it with the basic wrist tattoo designs. It will be very unique and perfectly goes with the size of your wrist.

Minimalist Tattoo

Minimalist Tattoo is very easy to get without feeling much pain. It is the best tattoo design for first-timers as the size of the tattoo is very small and the design is very simple. You can get a basic heart tattoo inked on your wrist, symbol of Queen or Q letter. You can decide the design that you want and make it unique.

Heart Tattoo Design

Another classic tattoo that can be modified into a very unique and beautifully different design is a Heart. You can get a black heart, a red heart, a shaded one, or normal with outlines only. It symbolizes love, but you can make it different by giving it your meaning.

Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterflies are very adorable creatures on this earth just like we talked about the Birds. These are very adorable and beautiful. You can get it inked on your wrist, try some unique colors or make the design unique by combining it with another tattoo. It looks very attractive and beautiful on the wrist.

Floral Tattoo Art

You can get any of your favorite flowers inked on your wrist. This floral design is not limited to roses only. Your wrist will look more attractive after you give a floral touch to it. Make sure the design you have selected has a unique meaning behind it. 


Small Tattoos On Wrist always look very attractive and beautiful. It is the most visible part of your body. You must have a tattoo that reflects your true self. Don’t get a tattoo for being bold and someone that is not you. Select the tattoo from the above list and combine them with your designs for making it several times attractive

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