Tree Forearm Tattoos For Men | Wrist Tree Tattoo Designs [2021]

Tree tattoo represents a lot of things but mainly it is a symbol of strength and power. Trees are the most important part of nature; it represents several cultural beliefs and traditions. This tattoo design is unique and different from all the basic designs that most people get inked on their bodies. The tree is the symbol of long-lasting features. It also represents their survival through hardships of life just like trees that suffer from stormy weather or any difficult situation but as tattoos, they have become a new style.

Forearm Tree Tattoo Meaning

Trees have a very long-term surviving capacity this is why they have become a symbol of strength and power to bear everything in a difficult situation as well. Trees are very important for every individual as they are very helpful to us in many different ways such as providing them shelter, fruits and vegetables, medicines and other things that we need in our day to day life.

Trees also have importance based on different cultural and regional beliefs. Some trees are worshipped in some of the states and countries. For instance, In Greek, their cultural belief is to worship Oak Tree. According to German beliefs, Lime and Linden Trees are worshipped. In Lebanon, the honor Cedar Trees. 

For the Hindu religion, the Peepal is worshipped. The Peepal tree is also a solution to many diseases such as asthma, jaundice, diabetes, gastric issues, infections, and other health related issues. Apart from Peepal Tree, Hindus also consider Banyan Tree, Ashoka, and Sandalwood Trees honorable.

A Christmas tree is also worshipped in Christian beliefs. Many people bring a Christmas Tree in their homes when the holiday season arrives. They celebrate Christmas with the Christmas tree and use different types of decorations and lighting. 

Types of Tree Tattoos Designs

Forest Forearm Tattoo Tree of Life

Tree of Life belongs to different religions and cultures. It has different meanings and variations but there are general thinking and values behind it. The tree of life is a very modern tattoo. This tree reflects a sense of knowledge, immortality, wisdom, eternity, and strength. It symbolizes growth and protection in all the difficult times. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women. You can get it inked in either using colorful ink or black ink.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Design

Cherry Blossom is a very beautiful design for a tattoo. It is more of a feminine design and has great importance in Asian beliefs. It is a very simple tattoo design, you can also have a cute little cherry blossom bunch. If you want a whole tree, you can go for it. It is a symbol of life and feminism. This design is suitable for women. You can get inked using Black, Brown, and Pink colored ink.

Minimalistic Tree of Life

This is a unique but simple tattoo. The original Tree of Life tattoo is designed with small detailing. But a minimalistic tattoo is designed in a very simple way and with basic detailing but looks very attractive. You can use colored ink for making this tattoo. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

Apple Tree Tattoo Design

Apples have always been mystical and in many religious texts. Some believe that It is a forbidden fruit due to the story of Adam and Eve. An apple symbolizes different traits. It represents knowledge and wisdom. So if you want to have a tree forearm tattoo you can consider having an Apple Tree tattoo design. This tattoo is suitable for men and women. It can be etched on the skin in different color ink.

Simple Tree of Life Tattoo

This tattoo represents simplicity in life. This tattoo is the easiest design to get etched on the skin. It has soft strokes that give a simple tree tattoo into a unique style. This is a very beautiful tattoo and is suitable for both genders men and women. You can get this tattoo in different color inks or black ink. 


Tree tattoos are becoming more and more popular in modern tattoo designs. Trees represent different traits such as strength, power, growth, survival, knowledge and wisdom and so many other things. These tree forearm tattoos can be picked by both men and women. It is suitable for both genders and you can decide the type of ink that you want to get etched on the skin.

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