Neck Tattoos For Men – Best Ideas & Designs For Neck Tattoo[2023]

Neck tattoos for men have become very popular these days. Earlier, the neck tattoos were only opted by the ones who were associated with criminals and gangs. But now the time has changed, the neck tattoos are opted by many people to represent masculinity. Tattoos on the neck are now the symbol of boldness and strong personality. 

The neck is the area that experiences very major pain while getting a tattoo. You cannot hide a tattoo on your neck and it will be directly visible to the person that you meet, so make sure you are confirmed about the decision of getting a tattoo on your neck. The design of the tattoo that you select must be the one that is able to represent your actual personality. 

The person who has a strong personality and loves to show the bold nature of themselves can get special neck tattoos for men. The neck tattoos are specifically suitable for men but many women also opt for getting them tattooed on the body. In this article, you will get a complete collection of different types of neck tattoos. Scroll to find the best suitable neck tattoo for you just make sure you have the tattoo design which means something for you.

Types of Neck Tattoos for Men

Tattoo for Back Neck

The backside of the Neck is the most popular part of the body to get a tattoo. When you have a smaller design you can get it at the backside of your neck. Also if you have to hide your tattoo you can hide it with the collar of the shirt. You can have a subtle and decent design for your back neck. If you have a tattoo on your shoulder, you can get a new tattoo on the back neck to get it connected with the previous tattoos.

Full Neck Tattoo

A tattoo around your full neck and appears as a wrap-up around the complete throat. It gives the collar effect to the neck and if you want to bring out uniqueness to the tattoo design you can have a full neck tattoo. You can go for different patterns and designs with black ink, colored ink, monochromes to give it a different look. 

Small Tattoo for Neck

Tattoos can be of any type, size, design but when you are getting a tattoo on your neck the design of the tattoo varies on different personalities. Small tattoos look super good on the neck, it can be anything a lucky number, roman numeral, initial of your name, any symbol, or any other design that you can get as a tattoo. If you cannot bear a lot of pain to have a big full neck tattoo, get this small design as a tattoo on your neck.

Neck Tattoo with Angel design

Angels are a very popular design for a tattoo for a men’s neck. These neck tattoos have different symbolic meanings and act as a Christian Symbol. It is also a form of classic art and the best tattoo for the neck as it can be small, big, and in different sizes. You can get the Angel design tattoo on your neck when you want a medium-sized Neck Tattoo. 

Tattoo for Front Neck

If you want your tattoo to be directly visible to the world, that you should get the tattoo on the front side of your neck. Make sure you get an eye-catching tattoo and it matches your personality as well. People will get to know about you only after the first impression and your tattoo will do the same for you. Front Neck is the part of the body that bears the most pain when you get a tattoo there.


The neck tattoos for men can be of several types, which are mentioned in the above-given list. You can get tattoos on different parts of your neck. However, the design of the neck tattoo can be anything but must reflect your personality. It shows your bold and strong personality to the world. You will get to easily connect with the people when you show your real personality. You can add anything to your tattoo design, you can have roses, wings, owls, gothic designs, and many other types of designs.

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