Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Grief comes in various forms and people find their own way to deal with grief. Either speaking their pain or writing, singing or getting their pain inked, that is tattooing. Tattoos are emerging as a popular way to deal with the grief of separation from our loved ones. Memorial tattoos are one such example. Memorial tattoos are those done to deal with the pain of separation from a loved one, the pain of losing them, on their death. These are imbibed in remembrance of the lost one. 


Memorials tattoos are inked generally to feel warmthless of the loved one. people get them to feel closer to their beloveds, even after losing them. It gives a sense of satisfaction and support, and a reason to go on and helps them to keep moving. Tattoos give a sense of closeness and strength to people. 


Dating someone with a memorial tattoo is completely okay. If your partner has tattooed the name of someones else doesn’t bother you much your relationship will work. Only if our understanding is enough. Social media surveys have shown people with tattoos of their lover’s name don’t work for long. But at the end of the end it’s your call, and don’t let it get affected by social media. If you feel like going for the person, with a memorial tattoo, you should feel free to go.  


 A memorial tattoo isn’t restricted and can be inked for anyone you loved for a pet, friend, family, cousin, partner, lovers, relatives, or any relationship you value. They aren’t restricted to a certain pattern as well. They are fluid and free from any design. You can get their portraits inked, or name or any inside thing which is related to them reminds you of them. Generally, the design is carefully selected, keeping in mind something related to them, something personal. 

First of all, choose an activity or anything related to them. Their name, their hobbies, places they loved to visit, places they adored, or something you people did together. Don’t go anything random. The tattoo is supposed to be a remembrance tattoo. Thus take your time to grieve and then think carefully about their minute details and then get a tattoo. 

That tattoo should be personalized. 

For young daughters who want to get memorial tattoos for their dads. Here are some amazing ideas and samples for you to choose from-

The tattoo can be just their name or drawing of daughter and dad together.

Tattoos which fathers can get as a remembrance to their daughters-

But if you don’t want to keep it as a symbol or name, you can go for sentences. Anything which reminds you of him, or advice your dad gave you often, you can get them inked. 

If you want to keep your tattoo simple and short and don’t wanna give it a fancy look. You can go for these

When it comes to memorializing a child, it’s one of the toughest and hardest tasks. It’s painful and often parents prefer choosing a symbol representing their child or that innocence,. the bond between a child of any age and a parent is rare and whatever pattern or symbol you choose doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else.  Here are some suggestions for you-

Apart from these tattoos symbolizing motherly love. You can get a tattoo of their small feet and any play you did together, just like this-

Pets often cradle us in most crucial times. Losing them is no less than losing a family member. You can get their portrait done, or their name, belt, paws, or bones as a memorial tattoo. Below are some excellent examples for you to choose from-

First is you can get their outline done, like this-

You can also go for these cute cartoon tattoos similar to your pet.

The paws are also highly preferred. They are small and look very pretty, plus remind a person how these paws hold them when many hands are denied.


If you are wondering where to get a memorial tattoo, without getting noticed and questioned much, you can choose any part of your body which is generally covered, or where you have been often touched by your loved one, or where you feel closest to them. Remember the choice is completely yours. And you don’t have to make the call under anyone’s intimidation. 

Now here are some suggestions- you can get a tattoo behind your earlobe, as it’s generally unseen.

 If it sounds comfortable to you, you can go for ankles. As ankles generally went unnoticed, or are often covered under shoes.

 People prefer getting inked on the chest as it gives them a sense of closeness with their loved ones and makes them believe they are close to their hearts. 

Weird it might sound to you, but one of the best places to hide your tattoo is your inner lip. Just like this-

The side of our fingers also goes unnoticed, you can try those as well.  

The front of earlobes also serve as a good location for small tattoos-

Last but not least- upper thighs. Thighs are an amazing option, due to their large surface area. You can select a small or large size tattoo


The size of your tattoo could be average, large, or small. Well, if you want to keep it a secret a small tattoo or a writing tattoo is preferred, but if you got no problem with people seeing your tattoo, you could choose a large tattoo as well. What size also depends on where you’re getting your tattoo inked. Suppose you have decided inner lip or side of your finger, obviously, it’s going to be lean and small. Keeping in scenario area of the skin, but if you are willing to get a tattoo on your butt, upper thighs, chest, or say arm, a large tattoo could be apt for. Thus, the size depends on your preferences. 

The cost of the tattoo varies. They can be pretty costly if you are getting a large one. On average they cost between $30- $200, if you are going for an under 4inch tattoo, that is for a small size. If you are looking for a medium-size tattoo then it would cost between $150-$450 that is 4-6 inches and if a large one that is above more than 6 inches then it would cost more than $500, and the price can go higher as larger you want to keep your tattoo. 


If you want to make the tattoo, even more personalized, you can mix the ashes of the deceased person into the ink. This way part of them is forever mingled with your skin. It’s completely safe to use and there isn’t any risk of infection, as ashes are burnt over 1000degree Fahrenheit, thus any chances of infection are burned out. The cost though increases slightly though. But it’s an amazing idea to stay in contact forever with your beloved lost person.  The ashes can be easily added to the ink, mixed well, and put in use. 

With the right size, pattern, type, and appropriate location, you are all ready to get your memorial tattoo!

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