King And Queen Tattoo For Finger – Cool King And Queen Tattoo Ideas [2023]

The King and Queen tattoos are very popular these days and extremely popular when it comes to couples. A King is incomplete without his Queen. You can show your love for your partner by these cute and meaningful couple tattoos. The King and Queen tattoos come in different ways, designs, sizes and you can get them anywhere on your body. Your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, and husband or wife will feel very special. It is the best surprise to give it to your partner.

In this post, you will find the best king and queen tattoo ideas for you. You can get any of these tattoos on your hand, arm, wrist, or finger. You can have a chess piece, crown, or skull any of them as a tattoo matching it up with your partner to make it a couple’s tattoo. Couple tattoos are very more popular than any other type of tattoo. 

King and Queen tattoos are a way to show your love to the world and your partner to make him or her feel very special. This act as a symbol to represents that how important they are for you and their place in your heart and life. You can find several designs of King and Queen Tattoos on the internet which makes it very difficult to select from the thousands of similar designs. But we have brought to you the best designs that you can opt for while getting a King and Queen tattoo. 

We have tried our best to bring out the most inspiring King and Queen tattoo ideas having different colors, sizes, and styles. Scroll down the list to find the best one for you:

Types of King and Queen Tattoo designs

1. Small King and Queen Tattoos, White Ink 

White Ink is a new edition to the tattoo world. If you want to do something unique and different, then don’t go for the black skin tattoo. Go for the new White Ink tattoo to make it look more pretty and decent. The white ink strikes the eye when you look at it. You can choose the color of the ink according to your skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone, go for the white ink as it will be a lot more visible than the black ink and vice versa.

2. Big Tattoos on Arms

If you are into big tattoos and avoid the small tattoos then try having one on your arm. The arm tattoos look really nice especially if it is a King or Queen symbol. Big tattoos give you a way to get more space for details. It will give a more beautiful look to the tattoo design when it is made on a bigger surface. The arms are a great part of the body to get it into the skin.

Crowns look very beautiful and are a great symbol of love that you can express to your partner. Crowns are more popular these days more than the words King or Queen. 

3. Cute Finger Tattoos

If you want to show your dedication in a relationship towards your partner, do it in a romantic way. Finger tattoos are the best way to show your unconditional love. You can make beautiful ring or crown tattoos for making your partner feel special. These tattoos will take the level of romance in your relationship to whole another level.

Finger tattoos are very small and if you work at someplace where the tattoos are not allowed, you can still get these tattoos are fingers tattoo is very easy to hide and also they are more affordable than other big tattoos

4. Finger tattoos with Red Ink

Finger Tattoos have become very popular and especially red ink tattoos. Earlier, there were not many options available while selecting the color of ink for tattoos. But not you can select the color of ink that you think is suitable for your tattoo design. 

You can draw King or Queen of hearts from the deck of cards. You can have it on the side of your finger which will be very unique and different for a tattoo design. It is a symbol to represent and show that for you, your partner is King/Queen.

5. Skull Design King and Queen Tattoos

King and Queen can be designed in very different types. You can just draw K and Q letters but these are not good enough for some people and they want to enhance the design of their tattoos. You can add some twist to your simple King Queen tattoo. 

You can add skulls and queens to your design for making it even more special. These are the symbols for you and your partner to be together for life. It is very romantic and adds more feelings to make it more special. Make your tattoo designs very unique by using skulls.

6. Simple designs for Wrist

Some people just don’t like to be extra. They just want very simple designs for their tattoos. While selecting your simple wrist tattoo design make sure it is unique. You don’t have to choose fancy tattoos for making them elegant. You can do the commitment to your partner even with a simple wrist tattoo.

 Your wrist is the part where your tattoo will be completely visible to you and the people around you. This will act as a reminder of your love and feelings for your partner. And you can hide this tattoo using your bracelets and watch if you want to hide it from people.

7. Chess design Tattoos

King and Queen can be drawn in different ways. The new way of opting for King and Queen tattoos is Chess pieces. You can select a King Chess piece or Queen Chess piece to may it very unique from the other tattoo designs. Chess King and Chess Queen look very nice and beautiful when you do the shading in them.

Using a chess piece can be a coded way to hide your love or relationship from the world but to make your partner feel special. You can either opt to show your relationship to the world or you can hide it from them. 

8. One Life, One Love

This is a very lovely and romantic quote that you can make your tattoo. You write One Life, One Love under your King and Queen symbols. It will make it look even more special. You can pairs the quote with crowns in your tattoo design. The detailing in the tattoo will make it look very beautiful

9. Calligraphic King & Queen

It is not important that you must have the symbols while you are selecting a design for your couple’s tattoo. You can just use the written words of King and Queen in a calligraphic way. The crowns and skull design look like a stamp. You can pair the calligraphy and symbols to make a beautiful tattoo design.

King and Queen tattoo is a special tattoo for couples. It is used as a tattoo design to symbolize the love, importance, and feelings for a person in your life.

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