How To Make A Temp Tattoo Last Longer?

Why not try out a new tattoo on your hand or other places? A change in looks can make it happen, as always.

If you decide to get a temporary tattoo on your hand or some other place, it could give a drastic change in your looks.

Are you up for it?

Today, almost everyone dreams of having a tattoo. If you’re unsure about a permanent one, opt for a temporary tattoo. Maintenance is always the key to make your tattoo last longer. Here is a quick guide to figure out the results if you want to know the secret behind this.

A temporary tattoo generally lasts for a few days. But if you follow these tips below, it is bound to last much longer than your expectations.

How To Care For New Tattoo?

Any temporary tattoo is built to resist for at least one or two weeks. But if you want it to last longer, you need to make sure about certain facts. Tattoos tend to last longer based on your preparations before and after completing the tattoo. If you keep everything going well and avoid water contact, it will stay for a longer period of time. As a result, this can be very helpful for you to make your tattoo last longer. Below are some tips that you can follow.

Keep it dry

Dry skin may always impact the lifespan of your tattoo. It is better to keep your skin cleaner while you are willing to get a new tattoo done. Small portions of makeup and skin lotions to soften the skin may backfire.

Applying solutions on the skin will only increase the moisture content in your skin. This will eventually start reducing the lifespan of your tattoo. I always try to keep my skin dry. So why can’t you? Getting a tattoo done on dry skin will always keep it fresh and ready.

Shaving is important

Similar to cleaning your skin, you must first locate where to do your tattoo. If you consider doing a tattoo in the hands or leg area, it is bound to grow hair. You may find sudden hair growth just after completing your tattoo in 1 or two days.

To get rid of this, it is always better to shave off the designated area. If the tattoo is applied to the exposed skin area, keeping it clean-shaven will always help you get a tattoo done in a preferred area.

Get done with exfoliation

Exposure to higher temperatures could increase sweat or oil levels in your skin. Exfoliation over dirt on your skin could be one possible reason why your tattoo wouldn’t last longer than others.

Dry skin cells tend to peel off quickly, and thus it will remove the base of your skin cells as well. It is better to scrub off the dead skin cells so that you can get to set the tattoo under dry skin. While doing exfoliation, make sure to use a pumice stone, which will help you get a better tattoo life.

Select Your Spot

Doing any random tattoo will never last longer if you do not locate the exact spot. In your everyday life, constant movement takes place. Movement of muscles always tends to reduce the life span of your tattoo. They will fade away quickly if you do not select the proper spot.

Even if you are doing a tattoo on your hands and feet, make sure that you choose a clear spot where there are not many joints. The hands can come in regular contact with water, so avoid such spots as well.

Increasing The Life Span of a Henna Tattoo

If you wish to do a henna tattoo, maintenance becomes slightly different from other regular tattoos available. This is simply because the ink composition of a regular needle tattoo is different from any other tattoo type. To get the best results, you will have to follow these tips mentioned below.

  • To get a darker color composition, get your henna paste to keep it wet once applied. This will help your skin to get the natural color dye. You should feel moist after the tattoo for at least 12 hours.
  • Applying lemon and sugar solution is a natural remedy to keep henna tattoo lasts for long. You may feel itchy at times when henna tends to dry. Keeping it moist with lemon and sugar solution will only heal your skin better.
  • When you want to dry your henna tattoo, it is better to avoid any forced air or blower. The best solution is to get a heater or a stove and place your arms around it. Natural drying will only increase the life of henna.
  • There are different types of henna available. However, it would help if you strictly restricted yourself from using black henna. It may be harmful if you want to apply it to your skin. Natural brown henna could be a better option for you.

Do Temporary Tattoos Wash Off?

No, temporary tattoos do not wash off unless you do it with simple and low-quality ink. Personally, I’ve never done a temporary tattoo with low-quality ink. Every time I’ve done a temporary tattoo on my arms or legs and left them for naturally dry, it worked very well. However, it would help if you avoid direct contact with water.

As long as you can keep it off the water, it will not wash away. However, rubbing off a bit by bit makes sure that it can wash off easily.


I’ve seen many people going for temporary tattoos and then continuing it just like a permanent one. Of course, you can do it as well.

These tips mentioned above will certainly help you to make your temporary tattoo last longer. However, remember one thing- applying chemicals on your skin may increase your tattoo’s lifespan, but it’s never cool.

You may face severe skin issues that will ultimately burn and create infections. Things can be horrible if you do not take proper care. Do mention in the comments below what will be your new tattoo.

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