Eagle Tattoo on Chest | Best Eagle Chest Tattoo Design For Men [2021]

Eagle is popularly known for being the official mascot for the USA. The eagle is a powerful symbol to represent courage, freedom, power, and the focus on the goal. The eagle is a symbol that is used for many cultures and countries as well. Its relation with the different cultures and countries makes the meaning of the symbol very broad. It is suitable for both men and women and is not limited by gender.

The belief of America is that the eagle was representing the supreme lord. The feathers were used to represent the spiritual belief and the lord used to wear garments made of feathers. Eagle is also a symbol of the Army of Persia. It was also a royal seal of Egyptians from ancient times. According to the Christian religion, an eagle is a symbol of liberation, salvation, and freedom.

You can proudly show your eagle chest tattoo to the world. You can draw it on your chest or your forearms, It will look very appealing when you roll up the sleeves and show off your eagle tattoo. You can represent victory through your Eagle Tattoo. So get a tattoo of an eagle and live your life with grace and boldness. There are several designs of Eagle tattoo that you can opt for.

Meaning of Eagle Chest Tattoos

Eagle is the most powerful bird out of all the types of birds in nature. They have always been the predators of the food chain. The vision of the eagle is several times sharp and strong than a human being. The weight of an Eagle is 15lb which is heaviest than any other bird. These birds have very impressive strength and power. These birds can kill an animal that can be a lot much heavier than itself which is why these tattoos represent victory.

An Eagle can be a symbol representing several meanings depending on the modern and ancient time period, some of them are given below:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Victory
  • Dominance
  • Focus and Clear Vision
  • Goal-oriented
  • Freedom
  • Masculinity

Types of Eagle Tattoos

  1. Bald Eagle Tattoo: A Bald Eagle with red and white stripes has become an official symbol of the country. It represents patriotism, freedom, and pride. You can also add your special features to this design
  2. Eagle and Skulls: When skulls are added to the Eagle tattoo design because of the looks. The skulls enhance the beauty of the design. It also changes the actual meaning of the tattoo. The eagle with a skull represents that death and mortality are necessary for life
  3. Eagle and Snake: You can also add snakes to your basic Eagle tattoo or along with the skulls. It gives a different look to it by editing your tattoo design according to your preferences. It will look good if you get it in a large size as on your chest or back.
  4. Eagle and Banners: With your Eagle tattoo, you can add little quotes or words. You can choose words such as struggle, strength, power, trust, and other words. But make sure they reflect your personality. It can give a new life to the Eagle tattoo design.
  5. Traditional American Style Eagle: You can go for traditional tattoos; they never get out of trend. You can get an eagle tattoo using black or grey ink. You can design your tattoo with beautiful shading in it to give it a beautiful look. It represents masculinity and male dominance.
  6. Two-Headed Eagle: This is the most unique design among all the Eagle tattoo designs. It has a single body but two heads. It is the symbol of the Roman Empire. It has a broad meaning apart from being just a symbol. It represents power, strength, and victory.


The eagle chest tattoo is a popular tattoo design mostly suitable for men. This tattoo represents masculinity, power, strength, confidence, control, and other meanings. You can get the tattoo designed according to your needs and wants. Before you get an eagle tattoo make sure you know what you want to represent through this tattoo. It will be a very bold change to your body and people may judge you differently as it gives a different meaning to your personality.

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