Dream Catcher Tattoo on Thigh – Cool Designs + Ideas For Thigh [2023]

Nowadays tattoo art has become very popular. Almost everybody is interested in having tattoos. A tattoo basically is an artistic way to express something in the form of symbols. The most popular tattoo design these days is a dream catcher tattoo. It is a very delicately beautiful design and looks very fashionable and unique also it comes with a symbolic meaning. These tattoos become more beautiful when they are made using colorful ink. In this article, you will get an informative guide about dream catcher tattoos.

What is a Dream Catcher and what does it represent?

A Dream Catcher is a tattoo design symbolized by American belief. It filters the negative and bad thoughts and dreams and brings the positive thoughts. It can be designed in the shapes and sizes you want and anywhere on the body. It is a trending tattoo design that has garnered a huge amount of popularity, especially among females. You can combine it with different tattoo designs as well such as butterfly, roses, birds, peacock feathers, eagle, moon, rainbow, and other things. 

The most trending place to get a dream catcher tattoos is the thigh. Many people like to get tattoos on high-special females. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your thigh, you can opt for a dream catcher as your design. Let’s take a look at the types of dream catcher tattoos that you can opt for designing as a tattoo.

dream catcher tattoo

Types of Dream Catcher Tattoos

1. Basic Dream Catcher Print

You can opt for the basic tattoo design representing a dream catcher. It consists of a hoop, hung up simple twig. This tattoo also has spirals with feathers at the end. The feathers are made swinging as the wind is blowing. You can get this tattoo using any type of ink but its beauty is enhanced when you use Monochrome Ink for designing it. 

2. Nature combined Dream Catcher tattoo

The dream catcher can be designed with the combination of some things taken from nature such as a flock of birds, floral touch along with feathers to give life to the tattoo. You can decide whatever you want to add on with the dream catcher. This design needs a large area to be designed as it looks more defined and beautiful when made in large size. 

3. Dream Catcher with Roses

Adding flowers to the dream catcher tattoo design makes the tattoo even more flattering. You can combine the design with the roses and complete the finishing with a butterfly around the roses which makes it look mesmerizing and elegant. You can also add bird designs and other gifts of nature. It looks blooming than the basic dream catcher. This tattoo also looks beautiful when made large in size. So pick the part of the body where you want to get the tattoo done.

4. Dream Catcher tattoo with Wolves 

The Dream Catcher tattoo can be designed in combination with the wolf’s tattoo design. In this tattoo design, you will see the wolves at the beginning of the tattoo design which makes the tattoo very mysterious. It is combined with the basic version of the dream catcher. This tattoo symbolizes the mystery of life, courage, and positive vibes that a dream catcher welcomes. It is best suitable for males as it is designed for a different symbolic meaning.

5. Colourful Dream Catcher 

The Dream Catcher can be colorful or the basic black tattoo ink. Colors add more life to the tattoo and it looks very beautiful and elegant. The dream catcher can be filled up with different colors including Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow-brown colors. You can draw it on your arms as it looks good in any size but the medium is the ideal size for this tattoo. It is suitable for both men and women.

6. Intricate Mesh Dream Catcher

The dream catcher design can be made more engaging when it is combined with several unique meshes. These meshes are made coming out of the hoop of the dream catcher. It also consists of beautiful flowers bringing out the beauty of nature in the form of art. It is best suitable for females. It looks perfect and beautifully designed when it is made with Black and white ink. This is a kind of floral design as it involves beautiful flowers. You can draw it on your arms as it looks good in any size but the medium is the ideal size for this tattoo. So you can draw it on your arms or thighs.

7. The Dream Catcher with Moon Goddess

This tattoo indicates the confidence that you have in yourself. The women who love themselves can get this tattoo on their bodies. It is beautifully designed with the moon on the sides of the feathers. The perfect color of ink is blue and silver outlined with black color. The colors enhance the beauty of the tattoos. It is suitable in both medium and large size tattoo designs. It is a unique and the most beautiful design while you are getting a dream catcher tattoo.


Dream Catcher tattoo is a beautiful design specifically introduced for women. It is a design combined with little girly things such as feathers, beads, roses, and many other things. A dream catcher is a hoop with a net that has hanging feathers, beads. 

It indicates that you can get rid of the bad thoughts and dreams and the hole in the dream catcher welcomes the good dreams and thoughts. So if you are thinking about getting a dream catcher tattoo, select the design from the above list to make your tattoo even more beautiful.

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