Cross Tattoo Designs – Best Unique Ideas Of Cross Tattoo Design [2021]

The cross tattoo design is immensely popular among the young generation people. However, People of different age groups like to get a tattoo inked on their bodies to represent the personality they have. There are several tattoo designs that are popular but among all those tattoo designs, cross tattoo designs are the most popular designs especially among Christian people. 

People of every religion can get cross tattoos inked on their bodies. Cross Tattoos represent the religious side of a person. When we see a Cross symbol, we immediately remember Jesus and the message he wanted to spread to the world. 

Apart from that, this symbol represents Sacrifice, Crucifixion, or Martyrdom of Jesus Christ. Now the people of all the religion respect it for its symbolism. Apart from the meaning and symbolism, this tattoo is famous because of its beautiful design.

Types of Cross Tattoo Designs

  1. Cross Tattoo Design with Folded Hands

This tattoo is very beautiful and looks very attractive. It has a Cross with the folded hands which looks very modest and it signifies the importance of the Christian religion. You can add things to the basic cross tattoo design. The folded hands represent the prayer of a saint to Jesus Christ. It also means thanking God for his Sacrifice for us. This tattoo is suitable for both men and gender designed using Black Ink.

  1. 3D Cross Tattoo Design

3D Tattoos always look realistic and several times attractive than the normal Cross Tattoo. This tattoo can be a simple Cross design, sword tied with strings, or anything. You can add anything to your basic Cross tattoo design to represent faith in God, his blessings, sacrifice, and other things that you want to show using tattoo art. You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body, but it looks most attractive on the wrist. This tattoo is suitable for Males.

  1. Cross Tattoo design with Wings

This tattoo has a cross with the Wings if you want to give a heavenly look to your tattoo. This tattoo can be inked to represent being an angel in someone’s life. The angle can be your parents, guardians, friends, and any other person. Apart from this, it symbolizes that Jesus is with us as angles in life. This tattoo also represents faith in your religion and the wings in the tattoo symbolizes that you have lost a loved one in life. This tattoo is suitable for Males, for those who have suffered through the same loss.

  1. Alphabetical Cross Tattoo Design 

This is a unique tattoo from all the other cross tattoos. This tattoo is made using words and alphabets. It symbolizes trust in Jesus. You can add different things to the basic cross tattoo design. Words that you use in the tattoo must reflect your personality using the tattoo. It is suitable for both genders i.e Men and Women. You can use Black and Red ink in the design of this tattoo.

  1. Simple Cross Tattoo Design 

If you are looking for a small and simple cross tattoo design, then this is the best design for you. This cross design can be made using dark-colored ink. You can have it inked on your ankle, arms, back, wrist, or anywhere you want. You can also use colorful ink if you don’t want black or dark ink. This is not a fancy design, it is very simple and suitable for both men and women.

  1. Anchor Cross Tattoo Design

Anchor tattoo with a Cross is a very unique tattoo design. It symbolizes faith and stability towards God. The design has an anchor with a chain with a cross at the end. You can use any ink either Black or colorful ink. You can also add some things to the basic tattoo for making it look more attractive and appealing. It is suitable for both men and women.


Cross tattoos are a symbol of the holy spirit of Jesus Christ and how he sacrificed his life to spread a message to human beings. It also different meanings depending on the belief of a religion. But it has roots emerging from the Christian religion. It is a very beautiful and attractive design for a tattoo. You can have it etched on the skin as the basic cross or you can make it unique by adding more features.

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