10 Best Tattoo Pen To Buy [My Review With Comparsion] 2023

A tattoo artist needs a broad spectrum of tools and equipment. One piece of equipment that is a very important part of a tattoo artist’s kit is the tattoo machine pen. Tattooing does require not only artistic skills but also an efficient tattoo machine pen. With an excellent tattoo machine, you can make highly detailed tattoos with precision effortlessly.

There are several types of tattoo machines. Thanks to the continuous upgrades and innovations in the design of the tattoo machines, we now have the option of using pen style tattoo machines. Although, choosing a tattoo pen machine from so many options can feel like an impossible task.

But you do not have to worry because we are here to solve your problem. Today, we are going to review some of the best tattoo pen machines. Moreover, we have put together some other essential information that you might need when buying a tattoo pen machine so that you can find a good unit without feeling lost.

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10 Best Tattoo Pen Reviews

Best Tattoo Pen for Professional– Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Power Supply 20Pcs Wjx Cartridges Needles Foot Pedal with Big Case 1013-10

Dragonhawk is one of the most famous manufacturers of pen rotary machines available in the market. This tattoo machine takes 3 to 5 seconds for it to turn on and off. It does not produce loud noises and vibrates less compared to other tattoo pens. The device has strong puncturing power and uses high frequency. It is ergonomic, weighs less, and has a structure similar to a pen. The device is compatible with needles of all brands.

Why is it unique?

This tattoo machine is made of a Space Aluminum frame and has a custom-made mast motor. Along with the custom motor, it has an improvised gear system that operates quietly and works in the voltage range of 6V to 9V. The cartridge needles belong to the WJX brand and have a special design that allows them to increase ink storage by absorbing ink faster. This machine has a silicone rebound that is built using a medical-grade LG PC.

Buyer’s experience

Buyers are highly satisfied with this buy. This tattoo machine has a lot of features that can attract customers. It comes in good packaging along with no noise production and vibrations. This tattoo machine falls within your budget as well and can be used easily.

Best fit for

With good packing and features, this pen rotary tattoo machine is the best kit for a beginner. It can be used easily, and it weighs less. If you are looking to learn and master the art of making tattoos, this is the best machine you can buy at this price.



  • The device is packed well.
  • Does not produce noise.
  • It weighs less.
  • This tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • The device can be used easily.


  • There could be issues with the power supply.

Best for different Cartridges– Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit, Mast Tour Tattoo Permanent Makeup Gun 10Pcs Cartridges Needles Power Supply Color Inks with Carry Case 366H

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine comes with a mast motor, which is also interestingly coreless. One can work up to around 3,000 hours with this machine. This device is quite simple in appearance and function. It also gives you the ability to do very good line works, shadings of black and grey, and also solid color parking.

The device is very lightweight and weighs 80 grams, and the needles are well polished and tapered at the ends. This kit comes with all the necessary items to begin your tattooing without having to search around for accessories.

Why is it unique?

The device has a polymer-made wear-resistant RCA Jack, which is obtained after running through a lot of tests with multiple sample designs. This Mast Tour machine has made its machines such a way that it enables all types of tattoo cartridges to be compatible with. It comes with a very high-quality spring made of stainless steel inside its body.

This gives it a special touch making the device work smooth and perfect. It lets you do all kinds of tattooing work like lining, realistic black and grey, color parking, and dot work. A cordless motor present makes the tattoo pen feel almost like an iPad pen adding to the comfortability of the device.

Buyer’s experience

The customer base is happy with the ease by which this tattooing machine maneuvers. Some even claim that the device makes the tattooing process much less painful. It’s really ready-to-get going kit that allows the customers to begin tattooing as soon as they receive the product. The service support for the product is also appreciable as some of their issues were also taken into concern and resorted immediately.

Best fit for

This device fits well for tattoo artists who need an immediate replacement to their current machine. The easy to get going feature of the kit can actually be worth the money at which the product comes around. It is also suited for people looking for short-term investments into a tattooing machine.


  • It is light in weight.
  • The device is suitable for all types of tattoos.
  • It has a good value for money
  • The machine also supports all types of cartridges


  • The battery is prone to damage in the long term.

Best for beginner tattoo artist– Dragonahwk Complete Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Atom M1 Machine Power Supply 20Pcs Cartridges Needles Foot Pedal

If you want to buy a tattoo machine that gives you the feeling of using a pen, then this is the ideal choice for you. This machine does not produce much noise and vibrations while using it. The device has high frequency and strong puncturing power. It offers you a good experience, and the package includes one Rotary machine, a power supply along with cable, 10 pieces of needles, and a foot pedal.

Why is it unique?

This device is built with an RCA jack, and it offers continuous operation with less noise and can last a long time. The tattoo machine weighs less and can use all brands of needles. It offers a good experience for the users. The voltage can be adjusted easily for accurate designs. You can adjust the depth of the needle by rotating the machine.

Both shading and lining can be done with this machine. The machine can work perfectly in a voltage range of 6V to.9V. This machine comes with cartridge needles with a high tough silicone rebound that can maintain the original flexibility and strength after using it for a long time.

Buyer’s experience

Most of its buyers are highly satisfied with their buy. This machine can be used easily and is perfect for everyone. It can be used for both lining and shading, making it a preferable choice for everyone.

Best fit for

If you are looking for a tattoo machine that can work for a few hours continuously without wearing out the needles, then this is the device for you. It has impressive features. You can definitely give it a try if you are looking for a durable tattoo machine.


  • The device can be used easily.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • This machine is worth the money spent.
  • It has good thickness.


  • The ink is not of expected quality.

Best for all tattoo artists– Cartridge Tattoo Machine Kit, ATOMUS Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine with Power Supply 20 Mixed Cartridge Needles Foot Pedal DC Clip Cord Power Cable for Tattoo Artist Beginner (Silver)

ATOMUS is a company that offers tattooing instruments and cosmetic items for the public. This new tattoo machine from them is both user-friendly and economically appreciable. The tattooing machine comes in a package that contains a single-piece power supply with a cable and 20 pieces of cartridge needles that are assorted in size.

The needles come in packs of 5 with the models 3RL, SRL, 5M1, and 7M1. It also has a foot pedal in accompaniment. The cartridge needles have a semi-transparent tip that enables the artist to see where exactly the needle is running through the artwork. The needle head is actually made of steel of the type 316L that colors fast with the right amount of hardness.

Why is it unique?

The device allows you to adjust the needle length by just rotating the handle. It has an ergonomic design that gives it a more comfortable pen-like user experience. One can experience an acceptable stable operation from the pen when used in a voltage range of 6 V-9V supplied with a DC cord connection.

The power supply comes in two different modes, making the users not fret much regarding this. With the press once system, the foot pedal need not be maneuvered all the time as the device has entered the work mode. This is indicated by a red light. Whereas the twice press system turns off the red light, making the tattooing procedure all the more manually controlled. Here, the pedal will need to be maneuvered at all times.

Buyer’s experience

Customers are satisfied with the overall handling of this best tattoo pen from ATOMUS. The affordability seemed to be the plus point for many. It has impressive features like it is light in weight and has a compact nature, which aids many of its consumers who have been using the device for months without any discomfort.

Best fit for

The device’s price range comes around well for people who want to give tattooing a try. This device is very quiet and hence fits a beginner perfectly. The accessories that come along are a bargain, and let’s one start working on their dream tattoo instantly.


  • The machine is quite affordable.
  • Offers an acceptable level of maneuverability for the tattoo pen.
  • The transparent tip of the needles allows the users to draw properly.


  • The Tattoo machine may get hot upon long hours of usage.

Best Price– Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine Japan Motor for Tattoo Artists (Black)

This tattoo machine from Dragonhawk is one of the best ones you can buy. It is quiet and vibrates less compared to other tattoo machines. The device has strong puncturing power and high frequency. It gives you the feeling of using a pen. You can use all brands of needles with this machine. It weighs less and can be carried around anywhere.

Why is it unique?

The stroke length of the device is 3.5mm and can pierce at a depth of 0 to 4.5mm. This machine is built using an anodized aluminum frame of high quality and is versatile. The working voltage of this tattoo machine is 5V to 15V DC. It has a strong motor and an improved gear system that makes the device work efficiently.

Buyer’s experience

Most of its buyers are very pleased with their buy. Some of them have given excellent ratings and reviews about this product. It is quiet and gives you a good experience. Some customers have complained about the durability of the device.

Best fit for

For anyone who is looking for a lightweight tattoo machine without compromising on quality and efficiency, this is the best tattoo machine you can buy. It is small and easy to use.


  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • It weighs less.
  • This device is easy to use.
  • It is sheer.


  • It is not quite durable.

Best Overall– Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Space Aluminum for Tattoo Artists Gift Box 102YMX

If you are looking for a Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine that makes less noise and vibrations, then this is the best pen you can buy. It has high frequency and strong puncturing power. This tattoo machine resembles the structure of a pen and is comfortable to use, and allows you to make good design tattoos. It comes with an improved gear system that offers high efficiency.

Why is it unique?

This Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine from Dragonhawk is built using a space Aluminum frame and has a custom-made Mast motor. The machine works at a voltage of 6V to 9V. This tattoo machine allows you to make tattoos with more precision and accuracy. It is light in weight and ergonomic. The tattoo machine has a structure similar to that of a pen. All brands of needles can be used with this machine.

Buyer’s experience

Most of its buyers are very happy with their buy. Some of them have given excellent ratings and reviews for this product. It is quiet and gives you a good experience, thereby making it preferable among people.

Best fit for

For anyone who is looking for a small-sized tattoo machine without compromising on quality and efficiency, this is the best tattoo machine you can buy. It is small and easy to use. This company gives importance to its customers’ experience.


  • This device is easy to use.
  • It weighs less.
  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • It is sheer.


It is not quite durable.

Best Featured– DragonHawk Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit Essence Pen 20Pcs Cartridges Power Supply RCA Cord Nonwovens Grip Cover

The DragonHawk rotary tattoo machine is a device that is well crafted by using aluminum as its frame and comes with an enclosed motor of Japanese origin. The length of the machine is 12 cm, with the weight coming in around 140 grams. The set of accessories accompanied also has an RCA cord for connection. It has a working voltage in the range of 6V- 9V. It is also interestingly compatible with all cartridge types available for tattooing.

Why is it unique?

DragonHawk has put forward a tattoo machine that is ergonomic in its approach. The device is intended to feel like a pen, giving the users the ability to perform all types of tattooing works like shading, lining, color packing, and large area coloring.

A powerful motor present in it makes the device more reliable with the most modern gear system. The device works quite without causing any vibrational discomfort to the operating artist. The power supply is also efficient in providing quick and precise adjustments in voltage. The power box is also consistent and can be relied upon for long-duration tattooing works.

Buyer’s experience

Customers are satisfied with the ease by which the pen flows over the top of the skin. They assess it as an easy-to-use device, with the installation procedure being relatively minimal. Blending and whip shading can be done well with this pen, according to some. The frame of the machine is appreciated, along with the efficiency of the power box.

Best fit for

The machine suits well for tattooing artists of all ranges. Dragonhawk ensures a minimum guarantee upon quality for any artist who picks this up. Its stability and the way by which they’ve tried to erase vibrational disturbances can be a warm welcome for upcoming tattoo artists.


  • The device comes at a good price with all the required accessories.
  • Cartridges fit well and are versatile.
  • The power box offers a good experience.


  • Long-term usage may cause mechanical malfunctions to the motor.

Best Design– Hawink Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine with German FAULHABER Motor CNC-Q2

Hawink is amongst the most popular brands of tattoo machines. Their prime focus is on the quality of the machine and the customers’ experience while using the machine. They offer high-quality tattoo machines. It has a structure similar to that of a pen. The tattoo machine features a German Faulhaber Motor that is strong and powerful. This device has stylish built and can be mastered easily.

Why is it unique?

This rotary short pen tattoo machine is built using an aircraft Aluminum Alloy Enclosure. It produces less noise and vibrations compared to other tattoo machines. The working voltage of this machine is 5V to 10V. It has strong puncturing power and high frequency. This machine weighs less and can be cleaned easily. It does not cause much irritation to the skin. The device weighs around 128 grams and can be used continuously. This tattoo machine uses a motor of high power.

Buyer’s experience

The customers are highly satisfied with this tattoo machine. They are fond of the strong, powerful Faulhaber Motor. It offers the person a good experience. Customers are not very pleased with the durability of this tattoo machine.

Best fit for

This tattoo machine comes with a strong and powerful motor, and this is the best tattoo machine you can buy for this value. The pen shape makes it easier to hold and draw tattoos. It allows you to make accurate tattoos.


  • It is light in weight and comfortable to use.
  • The tattoo machine is worth the money spent.
  • This device offers good thickness and is sheer.


  • The device is not quite durable.

Best Choice– Hawink Tattoo Pen Machine, Rotary Short Pen and Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Carved CNC-Q3-2

Hawink is one of the best manufacturers of tattoo machines in the market. It produces less noise and vibrations. The puncturing power is strong and has a high frequency. It can be cleaned easily and has a stylish appearance and thereby attracts a lot of customers. The machine is built using aircraft Aluminum Alloy and has an Aluminium sleeve of 32mm.

Why is it unique?

This device is built using a German Faulhaber Motor that is strong and powerful. The machine can be mastered easily and does not irritate the skin when you use it. It works ideally at a voltage range of  5V to 10V. Using it above 10V can damage your machine. You can get the feeling of using a pen with this device.

Buyer’s Experiences

Most of its buyers are very happy with their buy. Some of them have given excellent ratings and reviews for this product. It has good thickness and is sheer, thereby making it preferable among people.

Best fit for

For anyone who is looking for a compact-sized tattoo machine without compromising on quality and efficiency, this is the best tattoo machine you can buy. It can be used comfortably.


  • This device has good thickness.
  • It is worth the money spent and is sheer.
  • The device can be used comfortably.


  • It is prone to damage in the long run.

Most Durable– Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine with Japanese Coreless Motor and Aircraft Aluminium Alloy Carved Short Pen Syle CNC-M-Q5-1

Hawink tattoo pen machines are made of aluminum alloy, which is used in aircraft manufacture. It comes with a 35mm aluminum alloy sleeve and is built with a strong Japanese mortar. The device is completely stable and is very quiet. You can learn to draw tattoos with this machine easily.

Why is it unique?

This machine is designed to give the user the feeling of holding a pen. It has a stylish design that can gather a lot of attention. The device is light in weight and has a stroke width of 3.5 mm. It comes at the start voltage of 5.5 volts and has a stitch frequency of 25 to 150 Hz. The device works well for continuous operation giving your smooth and ideal results. The maximum operating voltage suggested is 10 volt, and running above this can cause overheating of the motor.

Buyers experience

The buyers are satisfied with their buy as it is perfect for black and grey tattoos. This machine is durable and offers a good experience to the artist. Plus, the device is worth the money spent.

Best Fit For

This device is ideal for beginners in tattooing. The machine is easy to master. It can work for quite a long time without any adjustments.


  • The device is user-friendly.
  • It is a good value for the price.
  • The tattoo machine is easy to use.


  • It is not suitable for complicated tattoos.

Different types of tattoo machines 

There are three types of tattoo machines, coil machines, rotary machines, and pneumatic machines. It is important to know about all the types of machines and their functions so that you know which one is suitable for you.

Coil machines

These machines are found in most tattoo parlors. It is widely used because of its high efficiency. Coil machines come in a wide variety. There are single, double, and triple coiled machines. Double-coiled machines are regarded as the standard types.

Moreover, their shape, size, and material also vary a lot. Coil machines generate a buzzing sound. Also, these are great for drawing lines. These machines use electromagnets. The coil can have eight to ten wraps.

Rotary machines

These were the first tattoo machines. Rotary machines were invented by Samuel O’Reilly. It works using an electric motor. The design of this machine has gone through several changes over the years. Many improvements were made to this machine.

This is lightweight and hence, easier to use. Noise is also not an issue with the rotary machine. So, if you want a machine that does not create any disturbance, then this might be the machine you would like.

Pneumatic machines

This is a relatively new type of tattoo machine. As the name pneumatic suggests, this uses an air compressor. Because of the air compressor, the weight of the machine is much less compared to the other machines.

A tattoo artist, Carson Hill, created this type of machine first in 2000. Also, sterilizing this machine is much simpler because these can be put directly into the autoclave, a machine for sterilizing, without disassembling. It is a great machine, but it is not as popular as other types because artists believe that it is less efficient.

Is rotary better than coil machines?

This is a question many people wonder about. It is hard to say which one of the two is better. Both coil and rotary have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the needs of the user which one is better for them. Coil machines operate using electromagnets. When the electricity is passed through it, the armature and the needles attached to it lift up and then press down. This causes the needle to go beneath the skin and then move out continuously.

Rotary machines also generate the same up and down movement, but they use an electric motor to do so. It is easier to tell the difference between a rotary and a coil machine based on the noise they create. A coil machine creates the traditional buzzing sound, while rotary machines are much quieter.

Coil machines are powerful. They create a hammer effect that inserts the needles beneath the skin with high pressure. This is very useful when you are working with large needles when shading. Also, coil machines are easy to control and hence, provide accurate and thin lines. Rotary machines are less harsh on the skin. They are lightweight and easy to use. This is suitable for shading and coloring work. Also, require less maintenance.

The downside of using a coil machine is that it is loud. Also, though the high pressure of the needle makes it easy to tattoo faster, it also causes more damage to the skin. Rotary machines are less durable, and also, they are not as efficient in drawing accurate lines as coil machines.

Buying Guide | What to know before purchasing a best tattoo pen?

As mentioned before, there are several types of tattoo pens present in the market. It can be difficult to decide which tattoo machine actually meets your requirements. Thus, we have provided some factors which, when considered, can help you find a machine that matches your needs.

Type of tattoo pen

Different types of tattoo pens are used for different purposes. There are two types of tattoo machines, rotary and coil machines. A Rotary machine has an electric motor, and a coil machine has electromagnets. Both the machines are efficient in their own ways.

A tattoo artist can use a rotary machine for lining and shading, while a coil machine can be used either for shading or lining. So, depending on whether you need a liner, shader, or both, you can choose a product.


The design and shape of the tattoo pen machine are very vital. Tattoo pens come in all shapes and sizes. You should make sure that the tattoo you select has an ergonomic design. It should be comfortable to hold and should work efficiently.


The weight of the tattoo pen should be checked. Now, whether you should get a lightweight or not depends on your preference. A lightweight tattoo pen is easier to hold and is easier to use for a long time, but they apply less pressure, the ink may not get beneath the skin properly. Using a coil machine that is on the heavy side might make your hand weary quickly, but its weight allows for an optimum pressure so that the ink can be inserted beneath the skin quickly.


It is pretty futile to get a tattoo machine that does not have a long life. Whether you are a full-time tattoo artist or just a beginner, you need to use a tattoo machine for hours, and thus, reliability is one factor that one should not ignore at any cost.

Imagine you are working on a piece of artwork and the tattoo machine fails to work midway. This is the last thing any tattoo artist would want to happen. Therefore, make sure that the unit you choose is built using superior quality and is reliable.


The grip is another important aspect of a tattoo pen. A tattoo pen should have a proper grip so that the artist has no problem working with it. A comfortable grip will help the user draw more accurately. Thus, do check the type of grip the machine has.


You must be familiar with the buzzing sound of the tattoo machines. While some artists do not have any trouble with the noise, others might find it disturbing. The buzzing sound can make the client more anxious and can even cause ear damage to the artist when exposed to it for too long. Fortunately, now there are machines with much quieter design. Therefore, it is better to get a machine that creates less noise.


Finding a tattoo pen machine that is worthy of the price is quite difficult when there are so many options. The best way is to shortlist the units that offer the features you need and compare their prices and performance. The units that deliver the performance you desire and also fit your budget are the suitable options for you.


What is the other equipment I require, along with the tattoo pen machine?

A tattoo pen machine is only a small part of the kit. There are many other important pieces of equipment that you will need when working on a tattoo. This includes a power supply. A power supply looks like a box. This is used to convert the current to an appropriate voltage for the tattoo machine.

Another useful component that you can use with the power supply is the foot pedal. With a foot pedal, you can control the power supply by pressing down or lifting your foot. You will also require needles. There are different varieties of needles used for different purposes.

Next are tips. There are four types of tattoo tips, diamond, round, flat, and magnum. You should get the tips as per your needs. If you feel like the grip of your machine is not proper, you can purchase a grip separately.
Of course, you cannot start a tattoo without tattoo ink. One should strive to get premium quality ink. Other than that, you need items like gloves, disinfectants, paper towels, and more for cleaning and sterilizing.

Which type of tattoo pen should I have, shader or liner?

There are two kinds of tattoo pens, shaders, and liner. Their name pretty much explains the difference between the two. A liner is used to make lines and create black tattoos. On the other hand, a shader is used for shading and filling colors.

Since, both the machines have different uses, their mechanism is also very different from each other. Additionally, shaders are known to be more powerful, heavier, and can accommodate more needles.

Most brands specify whether their machines are for shading or lining. Coming to the question of which one a tattoo artist should have, the answer is both. While making a tattoo, a shader and liner are both needed.

However, if you are a beginner and are just learning to draw simple line tattoos, then you can get away with a liner. But eventually, as you move on to practicing complex designs, you will need a shader as well.

How to find a good quality ink?

Finding good quality ink is an important step. A good ink will provide vivid and crisp tattoos. But one has to be very careful when purchasing ink because there are a lot of fake brands. Make sure that you are buying from a popular brand.

Whichever brand you are choosing should provide information regarding the materials used in ink. It is better to stick to organic inks. You should also check the country of origin of the brands. Its products should be as per the USA and EU regulations.

What are the different needle sizes?

The needles are divided into three types depending on their diameter. These are 8, 10, and 12 gauge or 0.25, 0.30, and 0.35 mm diameter, respectively. The smaller the gauge or diameter of the needle is, the more constricted will be the ink flow.

8 gauge provides the least ink flow out of the three and thus, are recommended when working on a highly detailed tattoo. These are also known as Bugpins. Ten gauge tattoo needles are the most commonly used. Some people also refer to them as Double Zeros.

10 gauge needles are used in numerous works, whether simple, detailed or for lining and shading. The reason behind their versatility is that they provide just the right amount of ink, not too little as in 8 gauge and not too much as in 12 gauge.
The third and the last needle is the 12 gauge. Since it has the maximum diameter out of the three, it provides the maximum ink flow. These are too used widely. With greater ink flow, these are considered great for creating thick and bold lines and shading or coloring large areas.

There are other sizes of needles as well, such as 6 gauge or even 16 gauge. But due to their limited use, 8, 10, and 12 gauge are regarded as the standard types of tattoo needles.


Tattoo machines have changed a lot since the time they came into existence. Now, there are many advanced and efficient tattoo machines present in the market. Thus, a tattoo artist should focus on getting the best tattoo pen machine possible to get the best results. Tattoo machine pens are great both for beginners and professionals. Buying any one of the recommended products in this article will be a great choice because these are the brands that are highly trusted by many tattoo artists.

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