99 Sleeve Tattoos Ideas For Men and Women [2023]

One large tattoo or collection of multiple small tattoos on your arm covering its whole surface area is called a sleeve tattoo. With the emergence of tattoos in the fashion industry sleeve tattoos are also gaining massive popularity. These are generally large in size. Available in multiple patterns, and themes. You can even get a personalised tattoo. 

 Sleeve tattoos are not restricted to any gender. Both men and women can get a sleeve tattoo. If you want to keep your tattoo secret, then you should be cautious, as sleeve tattoos are large in size, which generally catches attention. Well, a full sleeve shirt can help. 

The length depends on you. Some people prefer to cover their fingertips, as well as some, like to keep it to the wrist length. And some just get it to the forearms. Initially, when people decide to get a sleeve tattoo they get a half sleeve tattoo just to try it out, but later they generally keep on adding pieces to it and cover their chest and full arm. Here’s how it looks like-

 Make sure that you can sit for long hours as it takes a lot of concentration, hard work and long sitting to get a sleeve tattoo inked, plus I hope you’re not too sensitive to the needle because it will be little pining as the sitting hours are long enough.

Let’s start with some simple designs of sleeve tattoos and further we will continue up to its varieties.

Rose tattoos and floral patterns are first in the list of sleeve tattoos. So, let’s start with the basics, here is a simple sample of how a rose tattoo would look like.

Do not assume that rose sleeve tattoos are restricted to females only. They are very much trending amongst men also as a tattoo is gender neutral. You don’t have to worry about whether it goes with a male or a female.

If you want to make it dense, you can go for this design-

The choice of colour is completely up to you. If you want to get it in some other colour or make it more vibrant, you can surely do it. Here is an example how it will look-

If you want to get a rose pattern but you don’t wish you get it on whole of your arm, then you can just keep it to your elbows and this is how it would look like-

But if you don’t want to keep with a short piece, you can keep adding more to it then you can get whole of your hand. And here’s how it’s going to be like. 


If you don’t prefer floral, look too much and you are in too dark stuff.Then you can go for these scary tattoos. Here we will be presenting you with some of the scariest tattoos you have ever seen.

If you’re talking about dark stuff, then it is incomplete without a skull tattoo. Thus here’s a mandatory skull tattoo-

Adding little creativity to your skill, you can get a bird tattoo or  any other animal, according to your preferences.

If the above-mentioned tattoos Didn’t seem too scary for you then this horrible beauty will do justice to your limits.


upcoming Halloween might excite many of you to try out new things. some of you might be interested in getting a tattoo as well, here are some trending Halloween ideas- 

You definitely can’t miss checking out this scary pumpkin tree. The cherry of the Halloween-

If this Halloween you’re planning to act like that bad, bad queen, then these tattoo goes with your Personality.

Let’s suppose you’re not looking for sleeve tattoos based on any things, and you just want to get some simple cute sleeve tattoo for fun. Then here’s the checklist. Well, this flaming hot tattoo is perfect for you if you are trying something new.

If you are trying to make it colourful and vibrant then here are some options for you.


Well, there is no better thing than to get a tattoo with your partner. If you are looking to get a tattoo with your partner, then you are in the perfect place. Here are some excellent examples for you to achieve your couple goals. 

Black and white is always in trend.

But If you don’t want to keep your tattoo completely in black ink, then you can use some different colours as well. The choice completely depends on you. 

You can choose different patterns or different style, but here is an extremely good example if you want to get matching tattoos Symbolising your distinct energies. 

This king and queen tattoo is perfect to get with a partner


Are you an anime fan, and looking for a tattoo to express your love for anime? Well, we got you covered. Below are some amazing samples, including your fav anime characters- Goku and naruto  

Who didn’t love Dragon Balls as a child? All of us has been always fascinated by Goku. Here are some of his tattoos

If you just want to focus on the outline. And get a silhouette of it. You can try this one 

Naruto is always in talk these days. Thinking about getting a tattoo of him? Here you go- 


Let’s say you are not a fan of animals, but everyone has a favourite sport. If getting a sports tattoo is your thing try these-

Soccer always gets all of us, thus getting a soccer tattoo isn’t a bad idea after all


Tribal patterns are a forever mood and always preferred. They are detailed, unique and catchy. 

The best part is there is a whole new collection for females. Deep intrinsic designs to give a bold and classy look. Below are some pictures for you to have a look at and decide

These were some different designs, based on different themes for you to select from. Choose according to your preferences, and you are all ready to get a tattoo!

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